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Terrence Sejnowski

This database contains all the publications of Terrence J. Sejnowski starting in 1969.

Most of these publications can be downloaded in PDF format. They are made available for individual use only; contact the publisher and the author to receive permission for reproduction in any form.

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    • Sejnowski, T. J. How diverse is life in the universe? Brockman, J. Kahneman, D. (Ed.), In: The Last Unknowns: Deep, Elegant, Profound Unanswered Questions About the Universe, the Mind, the Future of Civilization, and the Meaning of Life by, William Morrow: New York, 270, 2019 (PDF)
    • Sejnowski, T. J. The universe of algorithms Brockman, J. (Ed.), In: This Idea Is Brilliant: Lost, Overlooked, and Underappreciated Scientific Concepts Everyone Should Know, Harper Perennial: New York, 53-55, 2018 (PDF)
    • Sejnowski, T. J. AI will make your smarter Brockman, J. (Ed.), In: What to think about machines that think, Harper Perennial: New York, NY, 118-120, 2015 (PDF)
    • Sejnowski, T. J. Grandmother Cells Brockman, J. (Ed.), In: This Idea Must Die, Harper Perennial: New York, NY, 282-285, 2015 (PDF)
    • Sejnowski, T. J. The Failure of Genomics for Mental Disorders Brockman, J. (Ed.), In: What Should WE Be Worried About?, Harper: New York, NY, 299-301, 2014 (PDF)
    • Sejnowski, T. J. Powers of 10, Brockman, J. (Ed.), In: This Will Make You Smarter: New Scientific Concepts to Improve Your Thinking, Harper Perennial, New York, 162-164, 2012 (PDF)
    • Sejnowski, T. J. This is your brain on the internet, Brockman, J. (Ed.), In: Is the Internet Changing the Way You Think?: The Net's Impact on Our Minds and Future, Harper Perennial, New York, 88-89, 2011 (PDF)
    • Sejnowski, T. J. Computers are the new microscopes, Brockman, J. (Ed.), In: This Will Change Everything: Ideas That Will Shape the Future, Harper Perennial, New York, 97-98, 2009 (PDF)
    • Sejnowski, T. J. Spike timing in cortical neurons, Brockman, J. (Ed.), In: What Have You Changed Your Mind About?: Today's Leading Minds Rethink Everything, Harper Perennial, New York, 209-210, 2009
    • Sejnowski, T. J. When will the internet become aware of itself? Brockman, J. (Ed.), In: What Is Your Dangerous Idea?, Harper Perennial, New York, 132-136, 2007 (PDF)
    • Sejnowski, T. J. A Breakthrough in Understanding Intelligence is Around the Corner, Brockman, J. (Ed.), In: What Are You Optimistic About?, Harper Perennial, New York, 204-207, 2007 (PDF)
    • Sejnowski, T. J. How Do We Remember the Past? Brockman, J. (Ed.), In: What We Believe But Cannot Prove: Today's Leading Thinkers on Science in the Age of Certainty, The Free Press, 97-99, 2005 (PDF)